Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Three Things About Me

Vickielysia is otherwise occupied with Wolf, no doubt sleeping off a hangover, so I shall tell you three things about myself.

1. I have an obsession with flashlights and must have one with me wherever I go. There is one in each room of my house, one in my car, one in my file cabinet at work, and a little bitty Maglite that is always in my pocket. I think this stems from being in the bathroom at a mall when I was five or six, the power went out and there was no emergency lighting -- I was one scared little kid! I WANT MY MOMMY!!!

2. I love to do pencil drawings despite the fact that I complete suck at it. I have an artist pad and a cup with several pencils, and whenever I have a spare moment and feel the urge I try to sketch something. The only identifiable drawing I have done is of an empty martini glass.

3. I enjoy writing fanfics and have two posted at -- in two different genres and under two different pen names. I'll give a cookie to anyone who can identify one of the stories I've written LOL.

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Kataryna Vaelryn said...

Have you tried some "how to" books? I had a few and those really helped me when I was first trying to draw (and trust me, you could NOT be worse than those! lol). As dumb as this sounds, the books for kids are the best, I think. I still use the one I have for drawing wild animals. Especially for the owl and turtle!

I have a strange love for anything small; toys, porcelin stuff, etc. I even have a tiny thimble! That and clowns, I LOVE clowns!!!